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    thanks for the response, will check out the posts.

    regarding your questions:

    What tools do you have in place so far?

    The ones we already have and don’t matter much:

    • digital ocean for app and site hosting (was considering netlify for the site but seems overkill at this point)
    • mail (google apps)
    • namecheap for DNS
    • youtube for videos
    • twitter, fb, instagram for social media.
    • slack for internal chat
    • bitbucket for code/issue tracking

    We already have lawyer, accountant, bank account and all that since we have been running the company for 5 years (in Germany, in case it matters for something)

    This are the ones we are going to use for sure unless there’s a good reason not to:

    • Google analytics for basic analytics
    • Stripe for payments
    • mailchimp for newsletters

    This ones we are evaluating:

    Remaining to define:

    • backups
    • SEO/search queries analysis
    • blogging (we may go with medium for now)
    • status page
    • issue/feedback/question tracking
    • mail API
    • tool to build and host docs
      • sphinx and static self hosting?
      • readme.io
      • sphinx and read the docs?
      • other?

    and of course, the unknown unknowns that motivated this question :)

    Which lists did you find but didn’t like?

    I found many that are really superficial and don’t give any details, the only ones that were kind of useful were:




    What didn’t you like about them?

    one sounds like a launch plan for a 30 people startup, the other is really technical, while useful, I would like to see a list with problem -> tool recommendation based on experience

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      Hi! Thanks for your post.

      We have two lists that sort of touch on what you’re looking for on our blog:

      “The Busines Stack” https://blog.reifyworks.com/the-business-stack-2016-edition-84d83319a90b

      “5 Business hacking tools” https://blog.reifyworks.com/my-5-favorite-business-hacking-tools-ccf8d7d533bf

      Aside from that, it might be helpful to answer more specific questions! What tools do you have in place so far? Which lists did you find but didn’t like? What didn’t you like about them? This would be helpful for everyone, maybe we can come up with a collaborative list together.

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        Yes! Glad you liked it Justin :)

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          I liked this article, a lot of meat in there.

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            Good data point. I suspect it has a lot to do with the audience as well.

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              After seeing this article, I re-enabled the tawk.to chat widget on brakemanpro.com. Still haven’t had anyone use it (except someone reporting a mixed content issue a while back…) For consumer or high volume sites the auto-filtering/sorting might work but I’m definitely not there yet.

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                I think this makes an important point! Funny how growth hackers branded themselves to distinguish themselves from marketers, and now there’s a swing back in the other direction.

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                  Very helpful, thanks Evan! :)

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                    I was in the webinar and posted my notes here :)

                    The focus on what he calls the “why, who, and what” resonated with me. To me, the core message was to be relentless in focusing on how your thing provides tangible value to customers. As a consequence of this mindset, you can start to set aside concerns that don’t drive home the message you want to convey to prospects and leads.

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                      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Evan! Any aspects of this that you found particularly useful?

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                        You should try to hit up Drip and see if they can be helpful with their concierge style support for creating new courses. I did it with pizza stuff (didn’t end up using it for different reasons) and they did a reasonable job.

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                          Yes, security course and ebooks have come up before and while I do think they are great marketing tools, there’s a significant time investment that I’m not sure I can do right now.

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                            No, I didn’t do anything fancy with the Google Sheets - I just type in the date and then it calculates the number of days since last contact. I haven’t tried Close.io - not keen on paying for another tool. Thinking about trying out https://www.streak.com/

                            The Tawk widget only shows up if I’m online to talk. But it still tracks who visits the site.

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                              Hey Justin - have you tried Close.io for tracking deals/leads? It works pretty well and is more lightweight than Hubspot. Did you integrate sheets with Gmail to get the automatic calculation you mention?

                              Also, where it the tawk widget on your site? Couldn’t find it.

                              Overall, sounds like a good stack! Thanks for reporting.

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                                Awesome, Justin! You could definitely do t-shirt giveaway stuff at conferences – I’ve had success with that.

                                Thinking about other ways to direct people to your marketing site is a good thing to consider as well – a security course, an eBook, etc.

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                                  Really nice work Evan!

                                  I liked this:

                                  “A team motivated by the fashionableness of starting a company as a get-rich-quick scheme is not one that’s likely to be mindful of negative externalities.”

                                  So true! Brian and I starting Reify together had way more to do with the “how” we wanted to run our company than anything regarding consulting, software, etc. People first.

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                                    Great post, Justin! I really enjoyed reading the thought process behind Brakeman Pro and it’s always good to be updated with how you’re doing!

                                    I think it’s a tough road for folks who are trying to make a commercial version of an Open Source tool, and this kind of honest writing from folks in the trenches is vastly helpful!

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                                      I tried used HubSpot but now I only use it for tracking if/when people open emails. HubSpot is really for salepeople and I don’t understand their terminology. I’ve fallen back to using Google Sheets to track contacts (with automatic calculation of how long it’s been since I’ve emailed a prospect).

                                      I have tawk.to on the website, but no one has every had an inquiry through it. But they have historical and real-time visitor analytics which I use on occasion.

                                      I use a mixture of Wufoo and Mailchimp for forms and emails, respectively. Slack for notifications (when someone signs up for a trial, submits a contact form, makes a purchase…) and Zapier to wire everything up.

                                      Edit: I forgot I also use HubSpot for email templates. Integrates into Gmail. Saves me a lot of time.

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                                        I found the advice in this article to actually be actionable, like they claimed. For Brakeman Pro we are past beta and already have a free trial, but the other points were interesting.

                                        The t-shirt giveaway is interesting - trying thing about how to implement that.

                                        I signed up for Help a Reporter Out and, surprisingly, in the first email I received two reporters were looking for input on topics relevant to my background. We’ll see what comes of that.

                                        Also looking through sites for questions about Rails security - typically someone has already suggested Brakeman but not always.

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                                          I thought this was good because a lot of this stuff is pretty mysterious.