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What’s everyone using for analytics? Emails? CRMs? Curious to hear what tools people like and dislike.

I’ve been use close.io (CRM) for a few years and it works very well for me. Other folks haven’t had a favorable impression – any opinions?

Aside from that, we use Drip for email courses and a few other tools – I outlined some here: https://blog.reifyworks.com/my-5-favorite-business-hacking-tools-ccf8d7d533bf#.hh4im0dly


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    I tried used HubSpot but now I only use it for tracking if/when people open emails. HubSpot is really for salepeople and I don’t understand their terminology. I’ve fallen back to using Google Sheets to track contacts (with automatic calculation of how long it’s been since I’ve emailed a prospect).

    I have tawk.to on the website, but no one has every had an inquiry through it. But they have historical and real-time visitor analytics which I use on occasion.

    I use a mixture of Wufoo and Mailchimp for forms and emails, respectively. Slack for notifications (when someone signs up for a trial, submits a contact form, makes a purchase…) and Zapier to wire everything up.

    Edit: I forgot I also use HubSpot for email templates. Integrates into Gmail. Saves me a lot of time.

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      Hey Justin - have you tried Close.io for tracking deals/leads? It works pretty well and is more lightweight than Hubspot. Did you integrate sheets with Gmail to get the automatic calculation you mention?

      Also, where it the tawk widget on your site? Couldn’t find it.

      Overall, sounds like a good stack! Thanks for reporting.

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        No, I didn’t do anything fancy with the Google Sheets - I just type in the date and then it calculates the number of days since last contact. I haven’t tried Close.io - not keen on paying for another tool. Thinking about trying out https://www.streak.com/

        The Tawk widget only shows up if I’m online to talk. But it still tracks who visits the site.