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We have been developing a product for the last year, our first customers are in-house and now we have the time to launch a beta of our SaaS offering.

Even when we have been doing products for the last 5 years, all were for in-house customers, this one was designed from the ground up to be a SaaS product but we know SaaS involves much more than just the product.

I’ve been looking for all the tasks and surrounding services that will involve a SaaS offering and I couldn’t find one that was convincing enough, from all of them I got a decent list but I would like to know if you have something to recommend.

PS: recommendations for tools/services that you use for your SaaS products help too.


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    Hi! Thanks for your post.

    We have two lists that sort of touch on what you’re looking for on our blog:

    “The Busines Stack” https://blog.reifyworks.com/the-business-stack-2016-edition-84d83319a90b

    “5 Business hacking tools” https://blog.reifyworks.com/my-5-favorite-business-hacking-tools-ccf8d7d533bf

    Aside from that, it might be helpful to answer more specific questions! What tools do you have in place so far? Which lists did you find but didn’t like? What didn’t you like about them? This would be helpful for everyone, maybe we can come up with a collaborative list together.

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      thanks for the response, will check out the posts.

      regarding your questions:

      What tools do you have in place so far?

      The ones we already have and don’t matter much:

      • digital ocean for app and site hosting (was considering netlify for the site but seems overkill at this point)
      • mail (google apps)
      • namecheap for DNS
      • youtube for videos
      • twitter, fb, instagram for social media.
      • slack for internal chat
      • bitbucket for code/issue tracking

      We already have lawyer, accountant, bank account and all that since we have been running the company for 5 years (in Germany, in case it matters for something)

      This are the ones we are going to use for sure unless there’s a good reason not to:

      • Google analytics for basic analytics
      • Stripe for payments
      • mailchimp for newsletters

      This ones we are evaluating:

      Remaining to define:

      • backups
      • SEO/search queries analysis
      • blogging (we may go with medium for now)
      • status page
      • issue/feedback/question tracking
      • mail API
      • tool to build and host docs
        • sphinx and static self hosting?
        • readme.io
        • sphinx and read the docs?
        • other?

      and of course, the unknown unknowns that motivated this question :)

      Which lists did you find but didn’t like?

      I found many that are really superficial and don’t give any details, the only ones that were kind of useful were:




      What didn’t you like about them?

      one sounds like a launch plan for a 30 people startup, the other is really technical, while useful, I would like to see a list with problem -> tool recommendation based on experience