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    I found the advice in this article to actually be actionable, like they claimed. For Brakeman Pro we are past beta and already have a free trial, but the other points were interesting.

    The t-shirt giveaway is interesting - trying thing about how to implement that.

    I signed up for Help a Reporter Out and, surprisingly, in the first email I received two reporters were looking for input on topics relevant to my background. We’ll see what comes of that.

    Also looking through sites for questions about Rails security - typically someone has already suggested Brakeman but not always.

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      Awesome, Justin! You could definitely do t-shirt giveaway stuff at conferences – I’ve had success with that.

      Thinking about other ways to direct people to your marketing site is a good thing to consider as well – a security course, an eBook, etc.

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        Yes, security course and ebooks have come up before and while I do think they are great marketing tools, there’s a significant time investment that I’m not sure I can do right now.

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          You should try to hit up Drip and see if they can be helpful with their concierge style support for creating new courses. I did it with pizza stuff (didn’t end up using it for different reasons) and they did a reasonable job.